28th November 2013 – Perfect Recruiting – Manchester

The next Manchester HR Exchange Event will be taking place on Thursday 28 November at 8.30am to 11am at the Imperial War Museum North and we would be delighted if you could join us.

The topic to be featured at this session will be Perfect Recruiting.

Your role as a HR Manager is already a hectic and demanding one, even without the memo from the Chief Executive that has just landed on your desk informing you that you need to recruit an entire sales team for the launch of the company’s new product. And you still need to find a replacement for the Purchase Ledger clerk who has just handed in his notice…

Writing the job advertisments, placing them in the right publications (and don’t forget all those job websites), and then ploughing through the hundreds of applications that you will receive is a time-consuming and costly task – and there’s no guarantee that you are going to find the right candidates for the roles despite your best efforts. And then there’s the nightmare of the employment law minefield that goes with the recruitment and selection process. Using a recruitment agency would incur external costs and the FD is constantly reminding you to keep a tight control on the department’s overheads…but is would help and save you so much management time and resource.

The session will begin with our ever-popular review of the important recent developments in Employment law, which will be delivered by Will Clayton, Head of Employment at Taylors Solicitors, who will alse speak about the legal aspects of the recruitment and selection process and the areas where employers should ensure they are safeguarded.

We are delighted to be joined at the event by James Sykes, Commercial Director at Hays HR, who will talk about the issues surrounding Perfect Recruiting from an agency’s perspective.

Dave Harrison, Co-Founder and Director of event Partner, 10Eighty, will provide his valuable insight into the issue of Perfect Talent Spotting and how you can ensure you identify and select the right people for your organisation.

Event Agenda


Will Clayton, Head of Employment at Taylors, provides his update on the latest employment law changes and developments

James Sykes, Commercial Director, at Hays HR will address the issues of Perfect Recruiting – from an agency’s perspective

Break & refreshments

Dave Harrison, Co-Founder and Director of event Partner, 10Eighty, will give a valuable insight into Perfect Talent Spotting and identifying the right people for your organisation

Will Clayton will take delegates through the legal aspects of the recruitment and selection process

Question & Close

Event Location

Libeskind Room

Imperial War Museum North

The Quays

Trafford Wharf Road

Manchester M17 1TZ

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